First qualifying tournament will be March 11th in Tupelo at UFM. You must pay your annual membership by March 21st in order to receive seeding for this event! 

*Ultimate Fitness and MMA, Paragon Martial Arts and Free Form Martial Arts are proud to present the Mississippi Jiu-jitsu State Championship. MJSC will consist of three qualifying tournaments and one state championship final tournament in gi and no gi each year. MJSC tournaments are submission only. (no points)

*MJSC competitors will earn seeding for the state championship final tournament by competing in one or more of the three qualifying tournaments. MJSC competitors who compete in all three qualifying tournaments will be a #1 seed, two qualifying tournaments, a #2 seed, one qualifying tournament, a #3 seed at the state finals tournament at the end of the year (November 4, 2017). Any MJSC competitor who does not compete in any of the three qualifying tournaments and competes in the state finals tournament will be a wild card. Each division will be done in segments, depending on the number of seeded competitors and wildcards. For example: if a division has two or more wild cards, they will compete in the first segment and only the winner will advance to the next segment. If there is only one wild card, they will automatically advance to the next segment. The next segment will be third place seeded competitors, if there is any. Only the winner will move to the next seeded division and so on. It pays to be seeded!

*There is an annual membership fee of $40 in order to be a qualified MJSC competitor. A competitor is allowed to compete in the qualifying tournaments and the state final tournament without being a MJSC member, but they will not be seeded or be eligible for the state title and its awards. You must be registered as an MJSC member before each qualifying tournament in order to receive seeding for that event. You must register online. MJSC members will receive $5 off on registration at each MJSC tournament and receive a MJSC tee-shirt.