Rules: (All MJSC events are submission only in both GI and no Gi.)
We will offer no submission divisions for novice kids ages 12 and under. We will explain the details at the qualifying tournaments. It will not be offered at the state finals tournament at the end of the year.
Youth Grappling - (ages 12 and under) 3 min. rounds with a 1 min. overtime round. If a match goes to overtime and there is no submission, the winner will be chosen by the center referee based on the 1 min. overtime round. No neck cranks, heel hooks or knee bars.
Teen & Adult Grappling - (ages 13 and up) 4min. rounds with a 2 min. overtime round. If a match goes to overtime and there is no submission, the winner will be chosen by the center referee based on the 2 min. overtime round. Any legal submission wins the match.
All submission holds are legal. Neck cranks and all leg locks including inside heel hooks, outside heel hooks, and knee slices are permitted in teen/adult divisions only. Biceps slices and wrist locks are permitted. No scissor takedowns are permitted, unless a hand is first placed on the mat. No slamming from the guard or to escape submission. No slamming is allowed in takedowns. In determining whether or not a takedown was a slam, referees will consider whether the intention was to hurt the opponent. Submissions must be applied in order to get a submission, and not in order to injure the joint. No strikes of any kind are allowed to any part of the body or head, by any part of the body or head. No clutching of the windpipe is permitted. No pressure of any type is allowed to the eyes. Explicitly, no fingers, chin, palm heel, etc are allowed to press on the eye. No striking of any kind including: shoulder, head butts, punches, elbows, knees, kicks, etc. No fish hooking is permitted. No biting is permitted. No spiking an opponent on his/her head. No Small Joint Manipulation is permitted. No pulling a thumb or less than three fingers is permitted. No pulling hair. No pinching, twisting of skin. No putting a finger into any orifice. No attacking an opponent in any of these circumstances. Any display of unsportsmanlike-like conduct will result in disqualification!
Divisions: Age and weight:
Novice (first time competitors only, no submissions) No state titles
Beginner (up to 1 year of training) State Title
Intermediate ( up to 3 years of training) State Title
Advanced (over 3 years of training) State TitleĀ 
Expert (brown/black belt adults, if needed) State TitleĀ 
Adult: Ages 18 and up
Fly Weight (129.9 lbs. & Under)
Bantam Weight (130 lbs. to 139.9 lbs.)
Feather Weight (140 lbs. to 149.9 lbs.)
Light Weight (150 lbs. to 159.9 lbs.)
Welter Weight (160 lbs. to 169.9 lbs.)
Middle Weight (170 lbs. to 179.9 lbs.)
Light Heavy Weight (180 lbs. to 189.9 lbs.)
Cruiser Weight (190 lbs. to 199.9 lbs.)
Heavy Weight (200 lbs. to 224.9 lbs.)
Super Heavy Weight (225 lbs. & Above)
Fly Weight (119.9 lbs. & Under)
Light Weight (120 to 134.9 lbs.)
Middle Weight (135 to 159.9 lbs.)
Light Heavy Wt (160 lbs. & Above)
Teen: Ages 13-17
Fly Weight (99.9 lb & Under)
Bantam Weight (100 to 109.9 lbs.)
Feather Weight (110 to 119.9 lbs.)
Light Weight (120 to 129.9 lbs.)
Welter Weight (130 to 139.9 lbs.)
Middle Weight (140 to 149.9 lbs.)
Light Heavy Wt. (150 to 159.9 lbs.)
Cruiser Weight (160 to 179.9 lbs.)
Heavy Weight (180 to 199.9 lbs. )
Super Heavy Weight (200 lbs. +)
Children: Ages 12 and under
39.9 lbs. & Under
40 lbs. to 49.9 lbs.
50 lbs. to 59.9 lbs.
60 lbs. to 69.9 lbs.
70 lbs. to 79.9 lbs.
80 lbs. to 89.9 lbs.
90 lbs. to 99.9 lbs.
100 lbs. to 114.9 lbs.
115 lbs. to 129.9 lbs.
130 lbs. to 149.9 lbs.
150 lbs. to 179.9 lbs.